Naret's services are divided into the following categories:


Financial Consulting

Asset Management

Corporate Consulting

Family Office

Financial Consulting

Analysis of Personal Requirements and Objectives

Analysis and definition of Risk Profile and Investment 

Definition of Investment Objectives

Portfolio Analysis

Definition of Investment Strategy

Direct Investments

Funds Investments

Alternative Investments (Non-traditional Asset Class)


Monitoring and Reporting Reslults

Monitoring and Reporting Risk

Financial Expertise

Asset Management

Analysis of Personal Requirements and Objectives

Analysis and Definition of Risk Profile and Investment Profile

Definition of Investment Objectives

Porfolio Analysis

Asset Management

Reporting of Results

Risk Management

Corporate Consulting

Corporate Advisory

Project Management

Analysis and Diagnosis of Critical Corporate Issues

Management of Sustainable Growth

Assets and Liabilities Management

Turnaround and Task Management

Corporate Finance

Capital Structuring

Mergers & Acquisitions

Structured Finance

Project Finance

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Search and coordination for Seed Capital or Angel Investing

Selection, Analysis and Control of Target for Venture Capital, Development Capital and Private Equity

Structuring and Consulting for Management Buy-Out (MBO), Management Buy-in (MBI) and Buy-in Management Buy-Out (BIMBO)

Selection of Turnaround Funds (Operating and Financial)

Trade Finance

Company Fundation

Negotiation with Financial Institutions

Risk Management

Family Office

Strategic Asset Allocation

Investment Strategy

Tactical Asset Allocation

Selectiong Best-in-Class Specialists

Monitoring and Reports of Results

Monitoring and Management of Risk

Strategies and Structures od Asset Protection (Fundations and Trusts)

Strategies and Structures of Asset Optimization (Holdings, Private Funds, Policies)

Wealth Supervision

Fee Analysis and Negotiation of Conditions

Analysis of Performance

Monitoring and Reports of Results

Monoitoring and Management of RIsk

Selection and Supervision of Best-in-Class Experts

Cash Management

Safeguarding Documents

Fiscal and Inheritance Planning

Assistance with Tax Authorities

Will Drafting and Supervision of Execution

Foundations and Trusts

Family Governance

Definition of Family Governance

Individual Financial Educations for Family Members

Estabilishment of the Family Cuncil for Investment


Life Insurance

Property Insurance

Medical Insurance


Estabilishment of a Charitable Foundation

Assistance in Defining Philantropic Strategies