Naret has two departments: Naret Asset Management and Naret Consulting

Naret Asset Management SA

Naret is an independent asset management company incorporated under Swiss law. It is a member of the   Self-Regulatory Organization of the Fiduciaries of Canton Ticino (OAD-FCT) and complies with the regulations against money laundering. In addition to the great experience and professional skill of its staff, Naret can count on the cooperation of local  and international specialists so as to provide the best tailor-made and independent advice in every field of interest.


Naret avails itself of the pooled efforts of a group of experts, who have acquired broad experience in different fields in financial and industrial consulting and who have held key positions with leading companies, both in Switzerland and worldwide.


Naret Consulting SA

La prestazione di servizi di carattere fiduciario, commerciale e finanziario, in particolare: mandati fiduciari e d'amministrazione; consulenze commerciali, finanziarie, aziendali, immobiliari e fiscali; impianto, organizzazione e tenuta di contabilità, controlli e revisioni contabili; perizie contabili, finanziarie e fiscali; incassi e mediazioni; mandati di revisione, di costituzione, trasformazione, amministrazione, valutazione, risanamento e liquidazione di società; amministrazione di beni mobili e immobili. La società può esercitare ogni altra attività in rapporto diretto o indiretto con lo scopo societario. La società può svolgere la propria attività sia in Svizzera sia all'estero e creare succursali e filiali in Svizzera e all'estero e partecipare ad altre società in Svizzera e all'estero, in particolare costituire, acquisire, gestire e cedere partecipazioni ad altre società. La società può acquistare, possedere e vendere beni immobiliari.



Private and corporate clients have access to a holistic approach through their own personal professional  advisor at Naret. All their complex needs concerning financial, wealth, tax, legal, corporate, business and personal issues are managed in a coordinated manner.

Naret offers specific high-quality services in the financial sector and also forms a connecting link for all activities related to the sound management of all the needs of each individual client.

Method, Mission, Values and Network


Naret`s mission is to serve its clients by finding systemic solutions that provide the highest added  value at the best possible conditions.


Professional Services

Tailor-made services, professional skill, discipline, transparency and competence make it possible  to offer high-quality services and are basic to a relationship of deep trust on the part of clients. This is vital to the success of long-lasting cooperation.



Independence, neutrality, professional ethics and reliability are principles firmly rooted in  our company, and they are implemented by our business practices as we advise private and corporate clients on questions relating to growth, reporting or protection of their assets. All our decisions are totally free from any conflicts of interest, and  we guarantee the most stringent confidentiality, fully complying with Swiss best practice standards.



Readiness to cooperate and respect for clients` needs are reflected in the precision, diligence,  discretion and celerity of the services provided, which have security as their basic fundamental criterion. Clients can be sure that all the solutions proposed have been carefully selected.


Naret has a close working relationship with the most important local and global banks. However, Naret is completely free and independent because there are no binding obligations that could lead to outside interference that could influence decisions. Therefore, the decisions that are taken are objective and free from any conflict of interest. 

Thanks to a network of leading market specialists, Naret is an ideal platform for obtaining the best advice in every field of investment all over the world and thus constitutes a valid, reliable and international point of reference.