Naret, Swiss solidity and tradition.

Naret is a beautiful area located at the feet of "Pizzo Cristallina", a mountain in Ticino, Switzerland,  at an altitude of approximately 2,300 meters. There are numerous lakes and streams, which are the source of the Maggia River. Lake Naret (Photograph : Plattens), which has been enlarged thanks to the construction of two dams, is situated at the crossroads  of several important pathways that connect the Sambuco, Peccia, Bedretto and Bavona valleys. In the past these routes were frequented by the local Celtic population, and nowadays they are a favorite destination for tourists who want to enjoy hiking in  the mountains.


The clear pure spring water that flows into Lake Naret is a metaphor for the competence of the highly qualified professionals of Naret SA. They have an all-embracing holistic approach that has the aim of satisfying all the needs of the client. The mountains represent very well the values that are the basis of Naret’s business model and how such values are perceived: solidity, calm (security), freedom (handing over one`s own problems to a reliable partner), eternity (a long-lasting relationship), peak (the goal to be reached), and horizon (the trip undertaken together and the support that we guarantee our clients)..